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Brighton hen do idea.Treasure Hunt for Your Stag or Hen Do in Brighton...

Brighton is a hot venue for stag or hen weekends and quite rightly so as it rivals London's West End ... but we think it is better 'cos it's beside the sea! But when you are putting your Brighton stag or hen weekend together, there is so much more than just the usual the strip and drinking evening events to organise.

So what do you do during the day?

Brighton itself is an interesting city, you could visit the Birdcage Bandstand, the pier, Devil's Dyke, the Queen Victoria memorial ... no, we are not kidding! They could be venues on your Brighton Stag or Hen treasure or scavenger hunt.

Treasure hunt we hear you say. That's a bit tedious isn't it? No way, or at least our way of doing them isn't.

It's the perfect warm up (or grand finale when folks have recovered from the excesses of the night before). It is far from the stuffy old treasure hunt that you may be used to from the office, but a hugely entertaining professionally arranged event that keeps everyone on their toes. Marking is done with the whole group present and not behind closed doors so can get very heated indeed!

Sold on the idea of a Brighton stag or hen treasure hunt? When you order, with a little help from the friends of the hen or stag, we will customise it to suit your group. Hmmmm.

If your budget is modest and won't run to a professionally managed hunt, we can easily supply you with the full treasure hunt kit for you to run it yourself.

So how do our Brighton Stag and Hen Party DIY Treasure Hunts Work ...

Brighton hen do scavenger hunt.

Your treasure hunt comes as a pack containing the clues for 4 teams and the other tasks (photo challenges, scavenger list, word game) plus the answers of course. Extra sets are available (extra cost) if you expect to have more than 4 teams. Please contact us after ordering.

You will not only have a great day to remember but our events are designed to ensure that you will also have some fabulous photos to remind you of your Brighton Hen or Bristol Stag Treasure Hunt.

Top Spots for Hens in Brighton

The real strength of Brighton as a hen weekend destination is its diversity, for eating out, Al Duomo is one of Brighton's most popular and long established Italian restaurants, offering a warm, friendly Italian atmosphere with authentic Italian food centrally located to all the Theatres, Comedy and Music and Clubs Venues. Or if you are looking for a bar, Polynesian themed Lola Lo's could be the place to go. You can book a Tikki Booth for your party and have waitress service (conditions apply). For a nightclub, try Oceana ... 5 bars, 2 clubs, private rooms, booths and suites available. As well as the nightlife orientated activities, there are plenty of other things to so such as the now fashionable fish pedicure, great shopping, pampering, speedboating and more ... but remember to leave a slot in your busy Brighton Hen Weekend for your hen treasure hunt!

Top spots for Stags in Brighton

For a drinkers weekend, focus on the area bounded by West Street, North Street, East Street, and Kings Road, with "The Lanes" in the middle, Oceana night club. But remember to either book stuff in advance or sidle in in twos or threes as large groups of blokes are often refused entry to places. There are also the usual testosterone filled activities like paintballing, quads, speedboats etc if that is your bag (but make sure you leave enough time for your stag treasure hunt of course!).



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