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DIY Treasure Hunt for Your Stag or Hen Do in Nottingham...

Mention Nottingham or Sherwood Forest and most people immediately think of Robin Hood and the eponymous sheriff or if you are are thinking bit more up to date - Brian Clough. But there is so much more to Nottingham than just those. So why not come and see for yourself on one of our DIY Nottingham treasure hunt. History, culture, entertainment, shopping - its got the lot - plus a great pub and club scene for the evening if that is your bag!

About Nottingham ...

The Nottingham area may well have been settled during earlier times but it was in Anglo Saxon times that the nucleus of the present city was established. The Normans built a wooden castle, subsequently superseded a couple of hundred years later by a stone-built version.

Over the next 400 years, Nottingham was granted Royal Charters to have a weekly market, annual fair, a Mayor and a Sheriff. The main industry was wool treatment but there is plenty of evidence from street names that many other trades were practised. Later,in the 19th century, Nottingham became famed for its lacemaking industry with its famed lace market and the production of Raleigh bicycles.

During that same period, from Saxon times onwards, the soft sandstone rock underneath Nottingham was worked extensively to provide caves that gave the poorer people places to live. The use of the caves declined in the 18th and 19th centuries but many of them still exist. They were exploited in the second world war as air raid shelters and the pub 'Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem', reputed to be the oldest pub in England, is built into the caves below the castle. Othe pubs use the caves as cellars and the ones beneath the Broadmarsh centre have been opened as the tourist attraction called the city of caves.

Beyond Nottingham is Sherwood Forest. The name Sherwood was first applied to the forested area in the region during the 10th century and it became a Royal Hunting Forest after the Norman invasion. The time of the Robin Hood legend is reputedly the 1200s, if that is so, then it is more likely that Robin, Maid Marion, Little John, Will Scarlett and Friar Tuck were battling the Mayor of Nottingham as there was no Sheriff of Nottingham until the mid 15th century. By the 18th century, a lot of Sherwood forest had been acquired by minor noblemen who created the impressive country manors like Thoresby, Newstead Woollaton. In fact, there were so many titled landowners here that it became known as the Dukeries. Industry has also impacted on Sherwood forest, farming and coalmining has created the open spaces and settlements you are familiar with today, Edwinstowe, Ollerton, Rainworth, Mansfield.

Nottingham is an interesting and varied environment for a stag or hen treasure hunt

What do you get in your Stag and Hen Party Treasure Hunt Pack ...

Your treasure hunt comes as a pack containing the clues for 4 teams and the other tasks (photo challenges, scavenger list, word game) plus the answers of course. Extra sets are available (extra cost) if you expect to have more than 4 teams. Please contact us after ordering.

So you just need to supply the participants and cameras.


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